Hosted Exchange at affordable prices

We are really excited to propose a new product, at a bargain price: hosted exchange.

What is hosted exchange ?

Hosted exchange is a collaborative solution to manage and share your emails, calendar, contacts…
With hosted exchange, you use Outlook as email client as usual, but you also get ALL your emails (sent and received), and your calendar, tasks, ect on your iphone, your ipad, on your other computer,via  webmail… and more..
Also, you can share calendars, contacts, tasks… with your collegues.
Exchange is THE professionnal emailing and collaboration software.  Unfortunately, it has always been inaccessible for most small companies, because of its hefty price (maintaining an exchange server cost an arm and a leg…)

Is it Secure ?

Sure, and certainly more than your current solution.
All emails are stored online in the Cloud, on mirrored servers.
If your hard disk crashes or your laptop is stolen, you do not loose your emails…
Can you say the same right now ??

Isn’t it slow ?

Absolutely not, because outlook synchronises things in the background.

How much does it cost ?

The standard mailbox package includes:

  • 25GB of storage space
  • UNLIMITED archiving space with UNLIMITED retention policy (yes you read correctly)
  • Antispam & antivirus included (Barracuda antispam with a very convenient dayly digest, allowing you to easily manage the firewall).
  • 5 aliases
  • Blackberry connector free
  • 1 FREE resource/ room mailbox per account
  • shared folders, distribution lists

7.5€ /mailbox / month !!! 6.8€/month on yearly basis…

Such package uses to cost around 25€/month on the belgian market…

Outlook licence is available as option: 1.85€/month
(= licence to install the latest version of Outlook on your computer + updates to new versions when available !!!)

Hidden costs ? installation ? maintenance ?

No again… it’s easy to install, easy to transfer your current emails, no maintenance…
(Well, i f we need to come at your office to install the computer, that’s of course extra !)

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