Inzenet has joigned eTIC

eTIC is supported by major actors of the IT sector in Belgium (AWT, ABE, UCM, UNIZO,…), and contains a list of key points that any serious IT Company should address and clarify with its customers before signing a contract.

Those key points, if they are not clarified at the beginning of a contract, could be the source of future disputes. (costs, planning, intellectual property, scalability, adequacy of the service, …..).

The eTIC code simply requires registered companies to address those key points when they make an offer, thus leading to the establishment of transparent and balanced contracts, with a clearly identified scope.

The eTIC code can help customers to identify reliable companies out of the jungle of IT providers (or said-so).

Here is a summary of the code:

  • service adapted to the customer
  • the joint definition of the scope of the project (content, limits and exclusions)
  • cost control and lead time management
  • responsibilities
  • available resources and qualifications brought to bear to accomplish the project
  • sustainability/transferability of the solution or the service
  • intellectual property rights

Inzenet has joigned eTIC on October 19th (details here).